Heal. Transform. Grow.

Includes an immersive 8-week coaching programme focusing on personal, emotional and spiritual development.

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Personal, Relationship, Career Development, Healing and Self-Mastery.

About Me

I’m Melissa, a lawyer, life coach, tantric practitioner & sound healer from London.

I have been on a wild journey with my own healing, overcoming complex-PTSD, suicidal ideation, eating disorders and a lengthy list of physical health problems.

I tried many types of Eastern and Western therapies, but only started seeing results when I combined both worlds – the rationality and pragmatism of the West with the mysticism and magic of the East.

Through this hybrid approach I help my clients step into their power and radically transform their health, relationships, careers and finances.

My unique model of coaching focuses on supercharging conventional methods with science-backed spirituality.

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Email: info@energeticsexplained.com

Instagram: @energetics.explained

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