Heal. Transform. Grow.

Includes an immersive 8-week coaching programme focusing on personal, emotional and spiritual development.


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Personal, Relationship, Career Development, Healing and Self-Mastery.

Meet Our Founder

Melissa uses her diverse background and her own personal healing journey to empower others on their path to transformation. Her journey of overcoming complex-PTSD, suicidal ideation and eating disorders, has deepened her understanding of the challenges individuals face. 
As a renowned Sound Healer, Life Coach, Tantric Practitioner, and Ayahuasca Retreat Facilitator, she combines the pragmatism of the West with the mysticism of the East to guide individuals towards profound self-discovery, healing, and personal growth.
Having spent many years as a commercial lawyer, she brings a unique perspective, emphasising critical thinking and discernment, alongside more holistic practices, to yield powerful results for her clients. 
Melissa’s coaching model combines conventional methods and science-backed spirituality, to address the multidimensional aspects of wellbeing. Through one-on-one coaching sessions, workshops, and retreats, she empowers individuals to radically transform their health, relationships, careers, and finances. 
As a Tantric Practitioner, Melissa guides individuals towards profound spiritual and sexual awakening, drawing on her deep understanding of ancient Tantric traditions to help her clients experience new heights of intimacy, pleasure, and spiritual growth.
As a retreat leader, Melissa creates safe and supportive environments for individuals to explore the transformational power of Ayahuasca. With her love and respect for shamanic traditions, she compassionately guides participants through profound inner experiences, facilitating healing, self-discovery, and personal growth.
Melissa’s commitment to personal and collective transformation has earned her recognition as a leading figure in her respective fields. Her comprehensive approach, which blends ancient wisdom with modern techniques, empowers individuals to transcend their limitations, unlock their potential, and live lives of purpose and fulfilment.

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